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Services for Employers

By hiring a Taller San Jose graduate, you will employ a skilled, entry-level worker, who has learned the importance of showing up every day, on time, dressed professionally and ready to work. In addition, you will benefit from:

  • Applicant screening - Taller San Jose carefully screens each candidate to match company culture, personality, skills and experience.

  • Interview scheduling - Taller San Jose will assist with the screening and scheduling of interviews so you don’t have to!

  • Increased retention - We provide 24 months of ongoing mentoring and training resources to graduates, increasing their likelihood of remaining employed. This means that you save the time, money and hassle associated with re-hiring.


"Taller San Jose graduates are quality people with great potential. We have partnered with the organization since 2005 and we encourage others to get involved."

Richard Heim, President , Western Region, Clark Construction Group-California, LP

"Hosting Taller San Jose externs is rewarding and impactful. They are dedicated to learning, respectful and compassionate in their care of patients."

Thea Harries, RN, BSN, Director of Clinical Nursing Group, St. Jude Medical Center

To hire a graduate, or to get more information, please contact:

Meghan Medlin

Employment Services Manager

(714) 543-5105 ext. 138 | mmedlin@tallersanjose.org