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John M. Raya, Director of Business Development
820 N. Poinsettia, Santa Ana, CA 92701
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A job is one of the most powerful tools for stabilizing a young life.  At a time when employment remains an issue of great concern in California, the future of young people who are trying so hard to step out on their own is in jeopardy.  The job market is more competitive than ever, underscoring the fact that many of today’s young adults lack the skills to compete for even an entry level job.  As a result, Taller San Jose is focused on bridging the employment gap for young adults from Orange County’s disadvantaged neighborhoods.

In 2011, Taller San Jose made a significant strategic investment in its existing social enterprise venture, Hope Builders, with two goals in mind – 1) Expand employment for some of its most at-risk youth; and, 2) Increase its mission impact through business-generated revenue.

Hope Builders is a licensed full-service general contracting company specializing in distressed properties throughout Southern California.  Hope Builders serves the general contracting needs of developers, private investors, non-profit housing organizations, and home owners providing a variety of services including: new construction, renovation, and rehabilitation.  It tailors project timelines and budgets to the unique needs of the foreclosed property market.  Wherever feasible, it incorporates green products and practices with the goal of enabling home owners to benefit from energy efficiency related cost savings. 

Focused on a double bottom line, Hope Builders extends the mission of Taller San Jose by expanding employment opportunities to graduates of its construction training program.



“By partnering with Taller San Jose and Hope Builders on our Logan Homes project, Santa Ana accomplished three important goals: First, we built high quality homes which were sold at affordable prices to first time buyers. Secondly, we offered the construction as an economic development opportunity for Hope Builders and the youth served by their program. Finally, we sup-ported the existing residents of the Logan Neighborhood. This resulted in commercial property being converted to residential uses, which further serves to reweave the fabric of our community.”

Mayor Miguel Pulido
City of Santa Ana