Taller San Jose - Taller Tech Construction Academy


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Construction and Green
Technology Academy

Housed in a 10,000 square foot warehouse, apprentices acquire essential hands-on skills in the building trades while learning how to adhere to basic employment principles.  Led by a licensed general contractor, the 16 week training program focuses on the fundamentals and incorporates:

  • safety training and OSHA regulations.
  • material handling.
  • industry related math proficiency.
  • hand tools.
  • power tools.
  • powder actuated.
  • construction theory.
  • carpentry.
  • drywall installation.
  • timely frame installation.
  • work ethics.
  • punctuality.
  • employability skills.

Apprentices participate in two hours of daily math training. Classes concentrate on:

  • math skills needed for basic construction principles.
  • estimating material costs.
  • reading blueprints.
  • additional construction fundamentals.

Upon successful program completion, all graduates are awarded a fully-equipped tool belt to bring with them to their eventual job site. Graduates are hired as framers, drywall hangers, roofers, or plumbing or electrical interns.